Hydrogen Propulsion for a Truly Zero Emissions Deep Sea shipping - brought by Ammonia

Harnessing Hydrogen for a Greener Tomorrow

Welcome to Pherousa Green Technologies (PGT) – the forefront of zero-emission fuel solutions within the maritime industry. We are revolutionizing the seas by introducing the ultimate clean energy source: Hydrogen.

Hydrogen: The Pinnacle of Zero-Emission Fuel

At PGT, we understand the future of maritime transport lies in sustainability. Hydrogen, with its zero-emission profile, is the cornerstone of our vision. Navigating the challenges of hydrogen storage, we’re making deep-sea shipping cleaner and greener.

Ammonia: The Vanguard Hydrogen Carrier

Our groundbreaking ammonia-based technology offers a beacon of hope for carbon-free shipping. Ammonia, devoid of carbon in its molecular blueprint, emerges as the industry’s superior hydrogen carrier.

Innovative Ammonia Cracker Technology

PGT is proud to introduce our pioneering ammonia cracker, a leap forward in harnessing ammonia as a hydrogen source. Our cutting-edge approach is setting the stage for a sustainable maritime future.

A Flexible Hydrogen Supply for Diverse Needs (I have left pilot fuel just in case...)

The hydrogen produced by our state-of-the-art cracker is versatile, powering both fuel cells and serving as a pilot fuel for ammonia engines. This adaptability is reshaping the operational efficiency of vessels across the deep blue.

Proven Technical Feasibility

Our prototype has not only been realized but has demonstrated its practical potential. PGT is now transitioning from concept to market, ready to deploy our innovation on a global scale.

Elevating Our Vision with Strategic Partnerships

To amplify our reach, PGT is on the quest for strategic investors. In concert with TECO2030, we’re on the brink of crafting our first 400 kW pilot unit, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

Pilot Unit: A Beacon for Future Expansion

Our pilot unit is more than a testbed; it’s the crucible where we validate, refine, and perfect our technology. With each step, we’re building a sustainable maritime ecosystem, and we invite you to join us in this green revolution.

About Pherousa

Advanced solutions for eliminating Emissions

Pherousa Green Technologies (PGT) AS  is Norwegian technology transfer company within the maritime industry. PGT develops its own technology and also offers consulting services to help our customers navigate through the transition to ZERO emissions. For inquiries on our services and technology please contact us and we will get in touch with you.

Pherousa Green Shipping

Truly zero emission cargo transport for the deep-sea segment

The only fuel that is truly zero emissions is hydrogen, but hydrogen storage is the biggest challenge for Deep-Sea shipping. Ammonia is the only hydrogen carrier that has no carbon in its molecule, therefore the only truly zero carbon hydrogen carrier.

Pherousa – she who carries –  is the name of two different figures in Greek mythology.
A Nereid, a sea nymph associated with the power of great ocean swells, helping sailors to face the challenges of the oceans, and a Horae goddess of substance.

our team


Vasilis Besikiotis

Vasilis Besikiotis

Founder & Technical Director

• Co – founder of Pherousa Green Technologies AS. Chemical engineer with a PhD in chemistry with +10 years of R&D experience both in academia and industry with a focus on hydrogen, fuel cells, electrolysis, CO2 capturing, and SO2 scrubbing • Norwegian and Greek citizen, resides in Norway

Tonny Thorsen

Tonny Thorsen

Founder & Commercial Director

Business development with +30 years of experience within shipping industry, serving top management positions up to the CEO level for ship operator and broker companies. ​ ​tonny@pherousa.no

Maria Paz de la Cruz

Maria Paz de la Cruz

Energy Advisor

• Power industry expert with 25+ years of experience, specializing in energy transition. Board Member of gh2.org (Green Hydrogen Organization) and former head of H2 Chile (Chilean Hydrogen Association) • Served as LAC Director for the REC Standard Foundation • Recognized as "Renewable H2 Personality of the Year" at the Renmad 2023 Awards in Zaragoza, Spain • Chilean citizen, resides in Chile.

Prof. George Marnellos

Prof. George Marnellos

Scientific Advisor

Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Western Macedonia Greece, and an affiliated faculty member in the CPERI/CERTH. Alma matter: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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