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Hydrogen propulsion brought by ammonia

About Pherousa

The Spirit of Pherousa

Inspired by the guiding force of Greek mythology, Pherousa, ‘she who carries,’ is our beacon through the uncharted waters of maritime innovation. Pherousa Green Technologies (PGT) AS, a leading Norwegian company, is committed to developing technologies that propel the industry toward a sustainable future. Connect with us to find out how our advances in clean maritime operations can benefit you.


Pherousa Green Technologies (PGT) AS  is Norwegian technology transfer company within the maritime industry. PGT develops its own technology and also offers consulting services to help our customers navigate through the transition to ZERO emissions. For inquiries on our services and technology please contact us and we will get in touch with you.

PGT is continuously developing advanced solutions for efficient and ZERO emission shipping. A key measure of the feasibility of zero-emission shipping is whether ships can carry enough fuel to service existing legs and voyages, with hydrogen being the only realistic option for ZERO emissions, this is a challenge. Due to hydrogen’s low volumetric energy density storing hydrogen for voyages longer than a couple of days is a major challenge. In addition bunkering infrastructure for hydrogen does not exist. On the other hand, as of today, there are 120 ports equipped with ammonia trading facilities. 1 mol of ammonia contains 1.5 mol of hydrogen, which is 17.8% by weight or 108 kg of hydrogen per cubic meter embedded in liquid ammonia at 20 C. Comparing this to the most advanced hydrogen storage systems, e.g. metal hydrides, which store 25 kg of hydrogen per cubic meter, the advantage of ammonia in carrying hydrogen per unit volume is significant. 

Sailing Towards a Cleaner Future

At PGT, we’re all about setting sail toward cleaner, greener horizons. The maritime world is ready for a sustainable transformation, and we’re at the helm with solutions that make zero-emission maritime transport a reality. The key lies in having the right kind of fuel for the journey ahead.

Ammonia: The Key to Green Shipping

Our focus is on harnessing ammonia’s potential as a sustainable fuel. Unlike conventional fuels, ammonia carries a significant amount of clean hydrogen energy. Thanks to its global availability and energy-rich composition, ammonia is becoming the go-to choice for forward-thinking maritime operations, and our technology is leading this shift.

Our Technological Breakthrough: The Ammonia Cracker

Introducing our groundbreaking ammonia cracker, a key innovation in maritime fuel technology. This patented technology is designed to efficiently convert ammonia into high-quality hydrogen fuel directly on board ships. It represents a significant leap forward in sustainable maritime energy, paving the way for a cleaner, greener future in the industry.

A Forward-Thinking Investment in Clean Energy

Embracing our ammonia cracker technology is a decisive step toward achieving a carbon-free propulsion system. This innovation facilitates a seamless transition from ammonia to hydrogen, aligning perfectly with evolving environmental standards and the growing trend of eco-conscious practices in commerce. It’s an ideal solution for those looking to lead in sustainable maritime advancement.
Join Pherousa Green Technologies on this voyage to sustainability. Together, we’ll not only envision a future of clean shipping – we’ll launch it.

The Board of Directors

Christer Wikner

Member of the Board

• CEO of Metacon AB and Chairman of
the board of Helbio SA
• Co-founder, board director and first
CEO of solar energy company Turn
Energy, co-founder of start-up
companies in different industries and
board experience from private and
listed companies.

Ioannis Gkoumas

Member of the Board

  • – Marine engineer with 10+ years of marine operations experience, 10+ years of experience on sites/yards and project management.
  • Greek and Romanian citizenship, resides in Romania.


Tonny Thorsen

Founder & Commercial Director

• Co – founder of Pherousa Green Technologies AS with +30
years of experience within the shipping industry, serving top
management positions up to the CEO level for ship operator
and broker companies such as Western Bulk, Klaveness and
• CEO of Pherousa Green Shipping AS
• Norwegian citizen, resides in Norway

Maria Paz de la Cruz

Energy Advisor

• Power industry expert with 25+ years of experience,
specializing in energy transition. Board Member of
(Green Hydrogen Organization) and former head of H2 Chile
(Chilean Hydrogen Association)
• Served as LAC Director for the REC Standard Foundation
• Recognized as “Renewable H2 Personality of the Year” at the
Renmad 2023 Awards in Zaragoza, Spain
• Chilean citizen, resides in Chile

Prof. George Marnellos

Energy Advisor

• Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the
University of Western Macedonia Greece, and an affiliated
faculty member in the CPERI/CERTH.
• Leading research in the fields of electro-catalytic ammonia
synthesis at atmospheric pressure, hydrocarbon processing,
hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, CO2 utilization , air
pollution control (NOX, VOCs, etc) and biomass to energy
conversion technologies.
• Greek citizen, resides in Greece

​Alma matter: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki